We all fall apart in a black-and-white world.

I´m a fan of the JoBros of almost 4 years now. I bought their 3rd album (I have it twice btw ;), have almost all of their songs (my ipod counts 88 songs ;)), watched Camp Rock 1-3, read every little article I found, watched Jonas L.A. (I miss that show - real fangirl!), watched every single interview, followed them on twitter and checked them daily, shipped Jemi and stayed up all night till 2am or later for a live chat (and we all had to wait for them to appear ;). I fell in love with every single brother. All 3 meant sth to me <3 I wasn´t attracted to Nick - he´s 2 years younger than me - but we shared a bad time. We both discovered at the same time that we´re ill. He has diabetes and I´ve Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Well, I had a crush on Joe - he was really cute at that time (he still is but more sexy ;)) but I don´t think he´s perfect anymore - the break-ups and stuff weren´t ideal - he´s no husband material (sry girls!). And then there´s Kevin. He´s the boy who gets the less attention and has the least fans. I always had the feeling he´s a bit of an underdog, at least back then and I knew and know how this is and so he got perfect for me. He´s the guitar hero and I always want him to sing more. Maybe he doesn´t want it and I´d respect that but it would be great! And because he´s such a good guy (maybe boring for some girls^^) he got married first <3 And I fighted for him to get 1 million twitter followers :) In that time the JoBros were my only fangirl obession and I became too over-obsessed and then I came into a phase were I lost track of all their actions. (which I don´t hope happens to me with my ncis obsession^^) Probably because they took a hiatus. I wasn´t there when they got Winston etc. Back then the purity ring discussion was on heat. I respected them for that and why should I care when they break this promise? It´s their belief and their life! And now we´re here in 2012: I´m still a fan and wait for their songs to premiere and listen to them daily :) They´re real men now. Have girlfriends and are on a few shows^^ There were times when I thought I´d never get a shirtless JoBro. And now? Just go on google ;) I don´t think Nick and Joe are still virgins (Kevin is another story - he´s married). I don´t think Camilla would have stayed over a year back then with a boy who doesn´t want sex with her^^ What I wanna tell you? just that time is flying and that I´m amazed how they and me changed! How grown up we´re (almost!^^)